We design events, create experiences and manage energy.

Few others have the experience we have in designing business conferences.  Over the last few years we have designed and moderated events on the following issues.  We research your audience, select topics for discussion, design agendas, source speakers and facilitate panels and whole events:

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Workplace Wellness

  • Workplace Mental Health

  • Addiction and Substance Abuse

  • Workplace Culture

  • Customer Experience

  • Blockchain

  • Business Innovation

  • Healthcare

  • Personalized Medicine

  • Risk Management

  • Human Capital Analytics

  • The Future of Work

  • Pensions

  • Financial Wellness

  • Leadership

  • Talent Management

  • Social Media

  • Change and Transformation

And nearly every event we do we immortalize in a real time rhyming summation. 


Every event is different and we aim to ensure you get the outcomes you want.  So email us at ideaexchange@me.com with what you are looking for and we'll get back to you with some great ideas on how we can help you to achieve your event goals.