Twelve ways our event moderation delivers a unique experience to your audience

Successful event moderation is part science, part art. We combine the principles of positive psychology with our experience moderating over 250 business conferences to keep your audience engaged, entertained and learning the important information they need.

Ask yourself, at your last event did your MC do any of the following:

  • Take the time to personally greet and chat with as many of your attendees as possible - not just at the beginning of the event but during breaks?

  • Open the event with a highly interactive “icebreaker” themed specifically to your needs that not only gets people talking but also exploring the theme of the event?

  • Create a wordcloud (technology permitting) that captures the audience’s thoughts and feelings about the theme of the event - and provides something for audiences to tweet out that extends the reach of your conference?

  • Generate a sense of gratitude in your audience at the beginning of the event? This puts them in an appreciative mindset that translates into a better experience and higher ratings?

  • Incorporate third party videos to drive critical messages home in a memorable and humorous ways?

  • Design specific multiple choice questions to ask at key moments throughout the event to keep people engaged and challenge their thinking?

  • Give away books as prizes throughout the event to help encourage participation and reinforce learning?

  • Craft individual mini biographies of speakers that provide unique insights into their work while saving valuable time at the event?

  • Insert mindful pauses at the end of each speaker/session that allows reflection and solidifies learning - and levels the playing field for Q&A so introverts can ask questions?

  • Use a little known piece of research to ensure greater gender equality in Q&A sessions?

  • Create custom games you can use during the event to improve engagement and experience?

  • Summarize the whole event at the end in a unique rhyme written in real time? This ensures your event ends with a “bang” that people will be talking about long after the event is over (many attendees ask for a copy of our closing remarks so they can share them with their colleagues)

Well, we do all of these to make sure your audience has the best possible experience.

Every event is different and we aim to ensure you get the outcomes you want.  So email us at with what you are looking for and we'll get back to you with some great ideas on how we can help you to achieve your event goals.’